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Question Of The Day: “Can A Man Teach A Woman To Be A Woman?”

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(Photo Credit: Stan Honda/ Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Stan Honda/ Getty Images)

Ryan Cameron
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After the HBO Documentary “Life Is But A Dream” aired, lots of eyebrows were talking, particularly when Beyonce’ is giving a toast to her husband about taking her into womanhood.

Take a listen to the audio clip here:

So, after that, The Ryan Cameron Morning Show received a plethora of phone calls from people that agreed that parents give the ability to get their daughters to young ladies, but their significant other takes them to womanhood. But, there were also calls of those that disagreed, stating that parents are solely responsible for that transformation into womanhood, especially the mother.

Now, we are asking you what do YOU think? Take the poll & start a conversation in the comments portion of the post!

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