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Affirmations Of Faith: “Focusing On God’s Goodness”

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Ryan Cameron
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Today, think about the positive in life. Don’t bring yourself down with the problems surrounding you. You’ve got to always look to God for the anointing for your situation.

You may want to have the high-paying job, brand new car, beautiful home, perfect credit score, but in reality, you may have none of that. But, that’s not a reason to not give God glory. You are in your right mind, you have all function of your limbs, you are breathing on your own, you have a loving family, and you are a child of God! That should focus you on how good He is to you! Despite the darkest of moments, God will show favor on your life, to keep you in perfect peace. No matter what, you can always find a reason to praise God for what he has done, is doing, or going to do.

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