Mother Who Lost Four Of Her Children In A House Fire Speaks

Atlanta, GA (WVEE) РThe mother who lost all  of her kids, but one, in a house fire is finally speaking out.

Reeba Glass’ Conyers’ home ¬†apparently caught fire after investigators say her 6-year old son, Darnell Glass, was playing around with a lighter.

Glass attempted to save her children and suffered serious burns to 40 percent of her body.

Reeba says, she doesn’t remember much about the day her whole life changed.


Glass was only able to save Darnell, whom she says can’t grasp the magnitude of what happened.

Ah’ Dariya Glass, 9; Dar’shawn Glass, 7; Armoni Roberts, 3; and Deon Glass, 8 months old, were all killed in the fire.


Reeba went on to express how grateful she is for Lamonta Stroud and Richard Slater.

The two brothers put their own lives in jeopardy by entering the burning house and attempting to save the children who were trapped in the flames.

On Tuesday, the Rockdale County Board of Commissioner proclaimed Feb. 5 as Lamonta Stroud and Richard Slater appreciation day.

Stroud said he nearly made it to the upstairs before his brother begged him to get out of the house for fear he would not make it out alive.

They were honored at Tuesday’s board of commissioners meeting.


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