Egypt: Beyonce Snaps Back!

Well, we haven’t heard a peep from Beyonce herself since Beyonce-gate Inauguration lipsyncing hoopla hit the media. But at her practice for SuperBowl 2013 Saturday, Mrs. Knowles Carter posted a pic of herself in a B Side by Wale sweatshirt that read, “Can I Live?”

In what seems to be a response to all the unnecessary drama surrounding her singing on top of her own track at the Presidential Inauguration last weekend, rocked a sweatshirt with a saying we can agree with.

The diva posted her throwing up her hands in a “Can I Live?” sweatshirt on her Instagram page.  Could this be her way of asking for forgivness from the public for her pre-recorded rendition of the National Anthem?

Check Out The Pic Below:


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