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Happy Birthday Larry From The Ryan Cameron Morning Show!

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(Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

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The Ryan Cameron Morning Show gets the opportunity to give ONE lucky listener the chance to become the “Birthday Of The Day.” No one else’s birthday is recognized, on-air that is, and they get to have their moment in the spotlight from Ryan Cameron & the entire morning show crew! Here’s some information about today’s birthday, Larry Hurell of Stockbridge, GA!

Image Provided By Larry Hurell

Image Provided By Larry Hurell

Larry is turning 45 today and is going to enjoy his day by taking the day off from work. He states that he’s never had a birthday party, but does enjoy his everyday life, feeling like he’s only turning 35! Some of his favorite segments on the morning show include Affirmations Of Faith with Larry Tinsley, The Birthday Song, & The Friday Song.

Listen to Larry & Ryan Cameron’s audio here:

Again, we want to wish Larry a great birthday from the entire staff of The Ryan Cameron Morning Show!

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