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Episode Two Of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” – The Radio Edition

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(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

Ryan Cameron
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This week the third season of New York’s “Love & Hip Hop” made its debut, but its the Atlanta cast’s antics that’s making the blogs.

Tuesday Mimi Faust of VH1’s runaway hit visited Egypt to counter her co-star/father of her daughter, Stevie J’s assertion on social media that he had custody of their child. (With the bonus of unveiling her new boyfriend, Nikko).

Then earlier today on The Ryan Cameron Morning Show, Stevie J fired back. “Listen man, I’m [going to] just tell you like this: Long as I’ve known Mimi, she ain’t never rapped. She ain’t never sing. She ain’t never made no beats. Never made no record. So why you in the radio station?”

“If [I’d have] known she was going to the radio I [would have] let her promote some of my products,” the acclaimed producer-turned-reality-star added; making certain to mention the backpacks, belts, water, VIP energy drinks and sex toys he says he has coming out.

“At the end of the day, I’m not gonna use a forum to talk about somebody that’s special and dear to me, like a child,” Stevie J maintained.

Everyone else – apparently – was fair game; as in the interview below he takes a shot at Mimi and Nikko, gives a warning to “Love & Hip Hop” creator Mona Scott-Young and concludes with quite the insinuation about him, Mimi and their co-star/his off-and-on girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez. Together.


(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

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