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Wanda Smith: “I Would Have Never Guessed This?”

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(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

I believed from the time I was a little girl that I would be someone special. Never for a moment worrying about obstacles and things that may alter my life path; just ambitious and always grinding.

Well thanks to so many of you and your support over the years my dreams have and are still coming to fruition!

I see so many celebrity throwback photos and I love to look at what changes time brought about. This one, however, grabbed me totally by surprise.

Can you guess who this diva is?

amber rose school pic Wanda Smith: I Would Have Never Guessed This?

Well here is the answer and trust me you will probably be as shocked as me.This is a childhood photo of

amber rose now Wanda Smith: I Would Have Never Guessed This?

I can clearly see it when I look at them both immediately, but never could have guessed it before!

(OK so for the record that baby is going to be simply adorable and spoiled rotten to say the least! I mean just look at me…)

wanda smith childhood Wanda Smith: I Would Have Never Guessed This?

Oh boy and “Look At Me Now”!

wanda smith fso121 Wanda Smith: I Would Have Never Guessed This?

Oh she is real cute!

LOL – If you aren’t afraid, post your old school pics and let me see what you are working with.

Come on, I dare you!

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