Ask Egypt: “I Need Some Closure”

Dear Egypt,

Two months ago I was dumped by my boyfriend. I personally thought things were going great. I found myself staying in the house on nights that I wanted to hang with my friends; met his parents and they said they loved me – I even stayed in town when I had a good job offer to move elsewhere.

All of a sudden he started acting very distant, so I asked him what was up? His response was that he had “trust issues.” I told him that though we’d only been together for a few months, that I cared about him deeply and wanted to prove to him that he could trust me.

Three days later he gave me the ole “we need to talk…”

It has now been two months since our break-up. Two months of tears. Two months of heartache, and we have not exchanged a single word.

I’m getting ready to move to another city for a job offer. But the thing is, I need closure. Is it worth reaching out to this guy to ask him the answers to all the questions I’ve been harping on for months?


Big, Bold & Beautiful

Dear BBB,

I’m a wondering what this man could possibly say to give you closure? Do you really need a speech to make you feel better? It sounds like you were trying to build a relationship, but he was just kicking it.

We have to stop making people priorities, when they only make us options!

Believe people when they show you who they are. Pay attention to actions, not just words.

When a man wants you TRUST ME  YOU WILL KNOW! There are no “ifs,” “ands” or “buts” about it. If you have a brother’s heart he will send a blimp up into the sky.

But what men won’t do is tell you when they DON’T want you. They’ll let you hang around as someone they are just “kicking it” with. They expect us to read in between the lines.

So let me break it down for you…

“I like you” does NOT mean “I love you.”

“I enjoy having sex with you” does NOT mean “I want to be in a relationship with you.”

As women, we always wanna marry somebody, BUILD with everybody. Stop that! Learn to date.

Or else you’ll keep trying to build relationships with people who are bringing mud pies to the table. It will never be a solid foundation.

Love you!


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