[VIDEO] Egypt: Georgia Bar Owner Royally Disrespects President Obama

It’s pretty hard to claim to not be racist when you publicly call the president “The ‘N’ Word.” (SMH) I’m tired of folks disrespecting my President.

Patrick Lanzo, owner of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar posted the message “I do not support the ni**er in the White House,” on a sign outside of his business.  He asserts that he is merely expressing his opinion, and unfortunately (thanks to free speech) there’s nothing that officials can do about his choice of words.

  • http://moderndayslaveryinc.com moderndayslavery

    This country is full of it… But if somebody would go up there and blow that sign into smithereens, I would get charged for a hate crime, LOL

  • StephanieJ

    Nothing you can do about free speech, but I hope people boycott his business.

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