[POLL] Women Using Men For Their Sperm? “Baby Stealing”?!

A man called into The Ryan Cameron Show today and made a lot of women ANGRY!
He claims women are “baby stealing.”
(I know you are wondering what he means by that…)
Basically women are pretending to like guys, but in reality they are just waiting to get pregnant so they can leave the guy and be with who they really want to be with – WOMEN!

  • Anthony A

    I’m inclined to agree…my observation is that…I believe…1) child care tax credit, 2) head of household tax credit…is a motivation for this social phenomenon…serious dollars…in America (western culture) today…anything is possible…and so it goes…very Romanesque :)

  • Patrick

    In response to the subject “Baby Stealing” and the question on the poll -Where is the guy’s responsibility in this? Don’t have unprotected sex with someone you’re not SURE wants to have a baby with you! (Like, your wife!)-
    It is totally unfair to leave responsibility on the man people. This is a crime of VICTIMIZATION not a crime of consent. When you victimize someone that means you take advantage of their better judgment. In this case, it’s about getting the guy to BELIEVE that you are in love with him, making HIM in love with you. Most responsible men will start off with condoms but surely after the whole ‘exclusive’ lie and fantasy belief that it’s an affair of the heart many men as well as women fall prey to persuation and the trust factor. It easy for a woman to tell a man she has trusting her, that she is not ovulating at this time and she want’s to feel him raw and be closer to him. What man would not fall victim to this lie once you have his mind all wrapped up..?

    • Diamond

      Regardless of what she tells you & how bad she wants to feel you raw you have to think about how many nasty women are in this world & how people are this day & time….& how they(both sexes) use people to their advantage so, you must look out for number one which is yourself first because if you don’t no one else will. That means protecting yourself at all cost regardless of what she/he wants. If they don’t like that then, they didn’t really love you to begin with & their true colors will show eventually any way. If they really love you then, they will stay there & wait until you feel comfortable with not protecting yourself & feel like you are at that point where you are ready to have babies with that person should that be an outcome.

  • Diamond

    thats stupid because if that was the case she can get pregnant by the man she really wants to be with & if he can not produce children I doubt very seriously if he wants to raise another man’s child. Now if the woman is just getting pregnant just because….thats a different story, they may very well do that. I know plenty of females that do that just to & reap the benefits of having a child & that really pisses me off because the child doesn’t get taken care of properly. But again the man has to bear responsibility for getting the girl pregnant also because he should protect himself regardless if she tells him she’s on birth control or whatever. She could very well be lying & some of them do be lying. I’m a woman but, I know how some trifling females get down. I’m a 39 yr. old female with no kids & its due to the fact that I’m not married so therefore I’m not ready to bear any kids. I feel like kids should be born within a marriage where they have both parents to raise them properly…..thats just me.

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