Victory Thought – “Not Now” Is Not “No”

Today’s thought is dedicated to the value of patience.

Anyone who is following a dream or aspiration needs to understand that “NOT NOW” IS NOT “NO”!

Many times we get impatient about a path, wondering if something not happening soon enough or the way we imagined is a sign that it’s not meant to be.

That’s not the truth!


Just because the universe doesn’t work on your time table doesn’t mean that you should jump ship. Have patience and understand that the way the universe works is reactive. Anything you focus on long enough and hard enough WILL eventually come to pass – IF YOU STAY FOCUSED!

Whatever you focus on long enough – good or bad – will eventually happen. Shift your thoughts and all energy to EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!

Visualize, focus, and have patience.


Anything worth having is worth waiting for right?

Benjamin Franklin said: “He that can have patience, can have what he will!”


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