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[VIDEO] Usher Explains “Climax” To The Ryan Cameron Show (Hint: It Is NOT About Sex)

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After Usher’s first interview since the release of his new single “Climax,” Ryan Cameron secured yet another EXCLUSIVE: He asked the multi-Grammy-winning superstar (off the air) if he ever thought about changing the spare, smoldering track’s title, since some radio stations can’t say it on air.

“Climax is not about sex,” Usher replied. “It is about an out-of-control experience. [And] a person [has] kind of reached the peak of that experience.”

ryanushercrash [VIDEO] Usher Explains Climax To The Ryan Cameron Show (Hint: It Is NOT About Sex)

Usher on “Climax”

Hear Usher “Climax”

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