Whitney Houston’s Family Attorney Tells Frank And Wanda Their Side Of What Happened With Bobby

Whitney Houston‘s family attorney called in to The Frank and Wanda Morning Show Tuesday to tell “the rest of the story” of what happened at Houston’s private ceremony Saturday, including the arrangements made before the service with Bobby Brown (even the specifics regarding interaction with his daughter with Houston, Bobbi Kristina), why they anticipated Brown’s early departure and more.

“It’s important for the family,” Mark G. Trigg told Frank (one of his clients) and Wanda, “that this issue not continue to be a distraction; something that takes away from the beauty of the service. Something that takes away from everything that happened that was positive on Saturday.”

  • http://THEJASMINEBRAND.COM/index.php/2012/02/21/whitney-houstons-attorney-defends-funeral-seating-arrangement-says-bobby-knew-beforehand/ Whitney Houston’s Attorney Defends Funeral Seating Arrangement + Says Bobby Knew Beforehand « theJASMINE.BRAND

    […] Also, Bobby was apparently scheduled to leave early from the service, as he had to perform later at his New Edition concert. What’s even more surprising is the pre-arranged agreement that they made between Bobby and his daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Apparently, the agreement was that Bobby was not to make contact with his daughter, unless she [Bobbi Kristina] made contact first. I’m not taking sides here, but funerals bring the absolute worst outta people. Listen to the full interview here. […]

  • leah

    If any of what this attorney stated is true, then why wouldn’t Bobby’s name be mentioned at all in the program. Shame on the Houston family……he should not have been expected to be separated from any of his children during this time. Those children were her step children. Beautiful service, but terrible etiquette. Whitney is going to have a mouthful to say to her mother when they meet again!!!!

  • Just Me

    As nicely as this was put, it was still bogus. As a child of a blended family, I find it absolutely horrible that the step-children would have to sit behind the family. I would be pissed if someone helped to raise me almost my entire life, and I was essentially told you’re really not family. How do you tell a father, not to reach out to his, let her reach out to him. Security nice and respectful, how could they be.

  • hawa

    I love Whitney and I will miss her, my heart is broken and I know that God love her best. So what you people are saying out there about this lady stop judging her, you people are not in no position to judge anyone. Every 1 of you guys can stop talking crap.

  • http://Estherstand.com Ms Dee

    Just reading this so called “the rest of the story”, makes me wonder where are heads and hearts of these people. They make it sound like Bobbi Kristina was conceived through Whitney alone! Bobby Brown is HER father. My God she looses her mother and other people take away her father. He was no more responsible for the life her mother went through as probably was her family and the rest of those that were around her. There would be no child of Whitney in the person of Bobbi Kristina without him. What dose an attorney need to do with the relationship between a father and his daughter. Making an agreement for him to stay away from his child?? Are they the council of the “gods”, I feel retribution from the true God will be done down the line. Bobbi Kristina now has the endure the smothering and control of her life, no wonder the baby is turning to other coping mechanism. I pray God will cover her with His awesome mercy and grace and deliver her from the clutches of what may have in some way caused her mother to go down the road she went. Who’s to say?? I sure would like to talk to them and see, by who’s authority would they make that decision. All she has now is her father. If the relationship isn’t good, I would think there would be help in making it better, other than seperating her from him. Wow, I would think Cissy, of all people would be thinking with the Love of God and not “her personal self”.

  • http://POPgoesTheWeek.com/2012/02/new-account-of-bobby-brown-troubles-at-whitney-houstons-funeral/ New Account of Bobby Brown Troubles at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

    […] Trigg, who was Whitney’s attorney, and now represents the Houston family, appeared on Atlanta’s V-103′s “The Frank and Wanda Morning Show” on Tuesday, and said that the reason for the confusion was […]

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