[VIDEO] Eddie Long: Accused Assaulter, Bishop – And Now, KING?!

“On behalf of the Jewish people, the land of Israel and the God of Israel,” professed Rabbi Ralph Messer announced to the congregants of Bishop Eddie Long‘s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, “He’s a king! God’s blessed him!”

  • D. Brawly

    If you watch the video carefully he appears uneasy with all of theis. At mark 9:57 Bishop Long says ” I want to go back to my seat.”

  • Louvella Moore

    He is a FAKE preacher. Pull that crap down. He preys on the weak minded. Wanda knoows!

  • http://www.theshoppersgallery.com Horatio M Bennett

    . NUFF Said!!!
    This is a lot of crap!!!
    No wonder organized religion is so suspect. These people are taking Holy Rituals for a joke.
    Here is a man who committed a disgusting SIN, and he is too proud to even CONFESS. Its no wonder this ‘religious joke’ is being instigated by a ‘rabbi,’ someone who obviously knows about homosexuality… and the Carholic Church who endorses and practises sexual deviants…
    This is TRYING to take the Name of the Precious Jesus, The Christ to a new low… If such thing was even possible.
    The congregation of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church should be ASHAMED of itsself, and ‘rabbi’ Messer should be banned and severly chastized by the Catholic Church. These people have NO SHAME!

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