Nathan Deal’s Bright Idea For Farmers: Hire Ex-Cons!

Nathan Deal has decided since there are less migrant workers why not hire ex-cons? What do you think?

Hear what listeners had to say about it…

Read all the background on the story here in the AJC

  • Anon

    So THAT’S why they wanted the pictures of slavery taken down from the walls of the Agriculture building . . . . .

    (singing) . . . . been working on the chain-gang all the live-long day . . . . (singing)

  • Carlos

    Oh how quickly we, BLACK PEOPLE, forget. Not to long in the past Blacks were send to jail for just looking ” cross eye” or walking funny,( in other words, for any thing ) and the reason for this was that they needed workers (free labour) on the farms. You were sentenced without due process of justice to an unspecified time. This is the beginning of those days, wake up people.

  • Carlos

    How many Black men have EX-con attached to their name or character because of some minor infractions when other of different ethnic groups got dismissed for for worse of just a slap on the wrist. Wake-up People, Wake-up.

  • Lynne

    I agree with the hiring of the ex-con. Why is because it is hard for ex-cons to get jobs because of society is very judgemental. They hold it against them for the rest of their lives. Farmers they don’t want them don’t deserve to have them.
    I, myself, is an felony and I am a single mom that made a mistake is the past. And I paid the price. It was minor but it was still a mistake. First time felony and I feel I am paying a huge price. Being a woman as well is much harder to prove ourselves to society then men. I’ve been working 2 to 3 jobs for the last 12 years. I bust my hump no matter where I work to prove to them that I am a good work and not label as a ex-con/felony.
    So I vote yes – hire ex-cons, they need to make a living and support their family.

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