Marijuana Use Could Lead To Mental Illness

marijuana bust Marijuana Use Could Lead To Mental Illness

Kids who smoke marijuana could be increasing their risk of mental illness.  A new study shows marijuana use might speed up the onset of psychosis in people predisposed to diseases like schizophrenia.

The Australian study says the drug could even cause psychosis in those not predisposed.  Researchers analyzed data from thousands of mentally ill patients.  They found that those who smoked marijuana developed symptoms of psychosis about three years before non-users.  Psychotic illnesses like schizophrenia usually don’t show up until young adulthood. Experts note that the study does not take into account marijuana-use as self-medication among people experiencing symptoms of psychosis.  The study appears in its entirety in “Archives of General Psychiatry.”

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Well I have to say I smoked for many of years and I am not psycho. However, it has come to a point in my life when I realized how hooked I was. I would smoke in the morning, lunch time and evening. One day I just said,” this thing is controling me and I am an addict for weed”. I am 46 and was spoking since I was 14 years old. . I decided to take my power back and not let weed control me. I let it go and it feels good to step out with a clear head. You will see and think clearly:).

  • Carmen

    My son was acting strange a while back. He is 19 and i aske him had he tried any drugs. He told me he did try Marijuana. I had to have him evaluated.He was behaving as if he was attemping to harm himself by puting comments on his FB page. very scary. We have to continue to pray for our children.

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