OMG She Is Naked!!!!!!!!!

So this mother decided to bare all..LITERALLY!!!!!!!! You’ll never guess who it is and why she did it…..

black lady confused OMG She Is Naked!!!!!!!!!

naked jada OMG She Is Naked!!!!!!!!!

Okay Jada YOU DID THAT!!!!!!!!! Will get Jada a blanket or something!!!!!!! Baby she is all out….. Here’s why she did it…

Jada Pinkett decided to bare all for the June/July Cover of Essence Magazine. Jada tells Essence that she decided to pose nude because she wanted to teach her young daughter about positive body image and embracing her skin tone. Inside, she preaches on the power of femininity and freedom of self acceptance. Here are a few excerpts:

Jada On the statement she wanted to make
“Lay your eyes on the beauty of black women! That’s the statement. The black woman is very spiritual. She is the ultimate mother, the ultimate of everything. We connect to all things. Lay your eyes on that.”

Jada on her flaws
“We, as women, have to love ourselves. Whatever you look like, you better be comfortable with it. … All my life black men have told me how flawed I am. People may look at that picture and not necessarily be able to identify my woes about my own body, but I have them. It’s just that I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like, ‘This is me’ and I embrace that. I’m getting older. I’ve got wrinkles in my face that I didn’t before, but it’s my face!”

Jada on posing nude
“When I walked out there and disrobed, I felt like a queen. I felt like the world was mine. Like there was this power just emanating from my person. Like there was nothing I couldn’t do.”

Jada’s advice on self-love
Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? Because I bet that if you love it authentically, everybody else around you will. They won’t even have a chance to see anything else, because you will have a shield of confidence around you. That is a powerful gift that God gives us that most of us rarely use.”


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